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Coherent is dedicated to providing a healthy turf and great looking landscape to go along with it. We offer a selection of services that we dedicate our time and efforts to daily! Here at Coherent we take pride in our work and look forward to extending our services to residential and commercial customers! 

Image by Victor Malyushev


House with Lawn


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Additional Services

Our commercial services include mowing, weed control & fertilization, landscaping and tree maintenance. We also offer exterior pest control. More info can be found via booking tab!

Coherent puts significant emphasis on a healthy residential turf. In addition to mowing we offer turf treatment, pruning, hedging and soft-scape. More info can be found via booking tab!

Weed control & fertilization will keep your turf looking healthy all year! In addition to turf care we offer shrub maintenance, tree pruning and soft-scape projects! More info can be found via booking tab!


Office: (918) 978-8811

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